ECS 100

week 2

I had another really great day at school this week. On Wednesday in the morning, the grade 3/4 class had ELA until recess. First, they read to themselves, then read to a partner, and then went on iPads to do some ELA activities that were on apps called “Raz kids” and “epic.” After that, they watched an inspirational video on YouTube that the teacher projected onto the wall, and then they had to write a journal response about their thoughts on the message from in the video. There was some extra time to kill before recess time, so the teacher asked for a couple volunteers to practice reading in front of the class. I had never experienced this in my elementary school, and I thought it was such a good idea to start to get the kids comfortable with public speaking. One of the students that volunteered to do this was a newcomer to Canada, and he was still learning English. He struggled a bit to complete the book, but I thought he was so brave for wanting to take on that challenge. The teacher also reminded the class that English is not his first language, as he took a while to complete the book, and some students were getting restless.

After recess, the students went to Arts Ed., where they played a drama game called “machine”. I was so awesome to see all the students want to participate in drama activities and include their other classmates in the process. After Arts Ed., the students had a work period to work on a persuasive essay they have been in the process of writing. My partner and I got to sit with a few students that struggled with writing and give them more help with their essays. After this, it was lunch time and my partner and I left the school.

IMG_7181.JPGWhen we were at the school this week, we noticed that the school was doing a food drive. We thought this was a great example of how the community came together to do something for the greater good. The students also got to write a card for the food drive which I thought was a nice touch. I think that doing food drives and other projects like that help the students to understand the concept of community and how a community can all work together. The students seemed to gather quite a bit of food for their drive and they lined it all up in the main hallway. When I am at the school, I get the sense that the school is in a great community where they all look out for one another.

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