ECS 100

week 5

This week the students had ELA for the first period until recess, and then they had math until lunch. During ELA the class worked on a novel study. When I asked our cooperating teacher what book they were doing for a novel study, she said that the class is split up into small groups based on reading levels, and each group is doing a different book. I found this to be a great example of how our teacher is incorporating equity into her classroom, as well as it is a great example of differentiating teaching. With assigning different books based on reading levels, she is giving each student an equal opportunity to read, be successful, and to learn. When I think back to when I was in elementary school, everyone in the class read the same book for novel studies, and now that I think about it, this was not supporting equity in the classroom.

In regard to how the school’s community honours human rights, I find it so awesome that students with exceptionalities/disabilities are integrated into general classes. This can happen largely because of the work of TA’s, because the TA’s work closely with these students. The school also has a special education classroom, but from my experience in the grade 3/4 classroom, there are a few exceptional students that are in the general classroom the whole day. I believe this is honouring their human rights as it is their right to education and right to equality.

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