ECS 100

week 4

IMG_7208.JPGI had a lot of fun at school this week, and I am finding that my partner and I are getting involved in the classroom more and more each week. It was a unique experience to be there on Halloween. I loved seeing the students so excited to come to school all dressed up, and I loved to see the teacher participate as well, as most of the teachers were also wearing costumes. The students started off their day as usual with some silent reading, and then reading to a partner, and then they did some writing before they went to a Halloween carnival that the school’s SRC put on. The sense of community was so strong this week as we saw the grade 8 students in the SRC pull together to do activities with the students from the other grades. It was great to see the leadership there.


I can see a lot for this school community in terms of honouring diversity, equity, and human rights for students. There are a few ELL students in our classroom and they are newcomers to Canada. Our cooperating teacher has done a great job including them in the classroom, and educating the other students on how English isn’t their first language, and about how it is important that they are encouraging to them. There are also a few students in our classroom that have some learning issues or have special needs. I see the students, and the school community in general, doing a great job of working with these individuals to help them in the ways that they learn best. An example of this is a few students in our class that have learning difficulties have laptops on which they do their assignments. This is a way for their learning to be more accessible to them.

IMG_7207I really see our cooperating teacher trying to be a positive role model for her students, and I can really tell that she knows each student as an individual, and in that way she can help them with what they individually need. I see her continuously trying to make her classroom a community. One thing that she does that I think shows this is she writes positive messages on the whiteboard for the students to read in the morning. Another thing that she does is encourage sharing between students, such as doing talking circles. In this way, I think it helps the students to recognize and appreciate the differences between them.

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