ECS 100

week 1

My partner and I are placed at a public school on Wednesday mornings in a grade 3 / 4 classroom. The school and cooperating teacher were very welcoming to me. The cooperating teacher showed me and my partner to her room and briefly described what the day would look like and gave us a tour of her classroom. When the students arrived in the morning, I was surprised that the students all came in quietly and looked at the schedule on the board and started silent reading. My partner and I were given the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the class, and I felt this went well.


During the time that we were there in the morning, the class schedule was ELA (including silent reading, an ELA test and bell work), recess, and then arts ed. My partner and I were able to help out the students with things like interpreting the questions on the test. I got to talk to a few students about their test, and how they were doing with it, as well as what kind of books they were reading for silent reading time. I was impressed by some of the students and the books they chose to read during this time. Some of the books I found to be at a higher than expected reading level for them. Overall, the students in the classroom were very welcoming to us and they all seemed like really awesome kids.


I found the classroom to be a very open and a welcoming space. It was colourful and appeared to be well organized. There were lots of words around the classroom, such as sight words for example, that I’m sure will help support student learning. The daily schedule was on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom. On a wall of the classroom room, the students “best” work was displayed, or as the teacher explained to us, was work that the students were most proud of. The teacher’s desk was at the back of the classroom and I also thought this space was welcoming and organized. I felt inspired by her classroom, and I think I will take a lot of ideas from this experience into my own classroom one day.

This classroom did remind me a lot of my school and my classrooms when I was young. It basically had the same layout to it, and other aspects such as the décor and the seating arrangements were a lot alike as well. I did notice that this classroom, however, had more technology than we had in our classrooms when I was young. For example, this class had a new projector on a cart, 2 iPads for the students to share, and this magnifying thing that the teacher could use to project a magnified version of text on a screen.

This classroom made me feel welcomed, included, and ready to learn and be a part of the class! Overall, I had a great morning at this school and I’m very excited to go back again next week.

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