ECS 100

week 7

I had such a great experience at Henry Braun school in the grade ¾ classroom. Overall, it made me really excited to become a teacher, and it confirmed for me that I made a good choice in transferring into education. I feel a lot more comfortable being a part of the classroom, even though we did not get the opportunity to actually teach anything, I still feel more confrontable than I did before just helping out and interacting with the students and school staff. I believe that I made some good relationships with the students in the class, as well as I think I formed a good relationship with the cooperating teacher, and I will for sure miss everyone in the future.

It was really interesting to see how a public elementary school has changed from when I was in elementary school. It was nice to see how inclusive the classroom was, as there were students with learning disabilities in the class, and there was a teacher’s assistant working closely with these students. Another thing that was quite different from when I was in school was the use of technology. Technology was heavily incorporated into the day to day schedule for the students. The students used iPads for math and for English by going onto different educational apps. The students with learning disabilities also were given laptops to use during the school year for their assignments. They were mostly used for subjects like ELA, where they would type out their entries instead of writing them by hand.

It was great to observe our cooperating teacher through her daily schedule. By observing her, I learned a lot about what teachers do daily, how they manage their time, how they lesson plan and how they manage their classrooms. I’m thankful that I had the experience that I did for my first placement because if I ever have a placement that doesn’t go as well, I know that I will be able to look back on this one and stay motivated and inspired.

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